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You have a huge investment in your home. You don't want just anyone with a hammer and a truck working on it.   We know that you want to be comfortable with the people who are coming to your house and pulling off old pieces and installing new ones.  Our integrity and craftmanship are core qualities which guide the way Windward Exteriors is operated as a business.  Please take the time to read what our customers say about us. (click on Testimonials button above).  

When we inspect your home for window replacement, siding, or a new roof, we are looking out for your needs as a homeowner.  We have the integrity to tell you when no repairs are needed.  From conception through completion, we work with our customers to ensure total job satisfaction.  While it may seem obvious that the exterior of your home is the part that keeps out the weather, bugs and rodents, it also protects the interior systems that homeowners often take for granted.  Protecting the external systems that surround your home is easier if you have them inspected by a professional on a periodic basis.  For homes that are 10 years or older, you should schedule an inspection of the roof, windows and general condition of your homes' exterior.   Knowing that a professional has inspected the exterior components and systems of your home will give you confidence that you can catch a problem before it becomes an expensive one.  Windward Exteriors will send a qualified professional to carefully examine your home, then let you know if anything needs immediate attention. 

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Finding the right contractor is often a difficult project in itself. To help you in your search, we offer an opportunity to read what our customers say about us.  We can even arrange for you to visit a location where we have worked.  No advertising is more valuable than what our customers say about us.